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Year old with a candle conduction ....


Light a candle and sit with her.
Year old with a candle wires.
Contemplate it, and in a flame of fire
See the reflection of you every day.
What was wrong with it - let go ...
And mentally candles burn in the fire.
And all the good you light shine,
Remember in the shower and all save.
Let your angel from heaven to you fly off
And in the silence with you sit,
Let your kiss on the cheek to leave
And their wings caress.
After all, it was an angel ... I do not frighten him,
We live, mentally hoping for it,
What's he from harm us can protect,
And, if necessary, and straw podstelit.
Candle lit, flickering, seems to melt ...
Perhaps it would be sad to see ...
New year in our lives to have entered
And melts old last ray of light.
I am also an angel, even for a moment, turn around,
Your soul will touch your soul,
And finding a virtual freedom,
Be able to congratulate you!
I will not enumerate the wishes ...
I think it's useless,
On a virtual level of consciousness
Do not interfere, the soul will understand everything.


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