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study Paul Gauguin paintings

Then, sb Viagra also join in the fun of a painting, laughed me at noon, or to keep it. Really naive ha ha ha ha


9/1 day can not be ugly! The To draw their own so I can not stand ah Had fucking mad, ruined their own ah no matter how to upload up, no matter ... ... laugh a while Ha ha ha ha


September 16, Mid-Autumn Festival, draw their own do not know what, probably, is to ask you to stay on the moon also used to it? At this moment, the sun in the little bit on the hair, listening to He Yao Shan's "your shoulder", I am 22 years old


Imitate a pair, this deer painted with Batman like ha ha ha ha ha
A few haha


11/14, a cold painting, find some warm colors to feel better, painting rotten, to be happy like some difficult Oh Oh, anyway, good night dr who


February 6 appearance
The skirt is like cream


And then there are many pigments left, casually painted a do not know what a ghost ha ha ha


Then is today, February 17
Fun on the line, no technology, there are fun
Oh, this is watercolor, not propylene




Paul Gauguin art reproductions paintings for sale


Alfred Sisley Snow at Louveciennes Painting Reproductions

Straightforward: very wonderful experience.
Very young when the beginning of contact with the Chinese painting, high school painting on the interest, there is no real sense to learn oil painting, but learning a sketch ~
Like the kind of quiet painting, in their own space without disturbing, but also like to paint the kind of time that can not perceive the passage of time;



( this is a painting for friends in 2013, the photo is the cousin shot)
2013 | 2 m * 3 m | 2 days a week, for 6 months or so
Did not follow the teacher to learn oil painting, in a sense to maintain their original attitude to the painting, just want to draw their favorite paintings, which is although the painting for many years, but do not think the means of life means; said the big point " ".. :)


( complete 90)
The general problems are: the purchase of painting materials, basic knowledge, how to composition, color and so on;
These problems painting materials Baidu is easy to solve, just need to practice to find the most comfortable and most comfortable like;
Basic knowledge such as: color, composition of what to refer to some of the relatively primitive teaching material is better (the premise for the painting enthusiasts impure for the exam), and now most of the market is to meet the "high score exam" out of the fast textbook, Looked at some of the trick-type knowledge, although the works drawn out of the error, but the personality will be less [personal point of view]


The biggest problem in my self school is to find the way and style for your own painting


Alfred Sisley Snow at Louveciennes Painting Reproductions

This painting in the body of the treatment of the integration of some of the paintings of Chinese painting skills, the body is the whole picture with the least light in order to reflect the skin's sense of transparency, high light directly blank; this and traditional Western painting is not the same


Everyone has their own understanding of the arts, popular and neutral to the painting is very self, not all people can understand the share of dedication, "Concert" hard to find ~
I think if I like art, especially oil painting, for me is self-communication | I and the outside world | I and myself, will show the feelings to the outside world, whether it is happy, sad, angry, desire ... you are willing to follow it is good

In general: self - study oil painting very deep experience ~
To write so much, thank you read this article ~ willing to learn happy!
[No authorization do not reprint, although the painting is not good to see Pirates of the map]