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~ Alia Qunhua, France. ~ I will rewrite calendars ...


And I'll scatter my May smiles on the cold January,
I'll forget the past mistakes and the snowy cold of December.
I will rewrite calendars, erase from the memory of loss,
I will leave the quaking of the dawn and the gentle scarlet sunsets.

I will give you April, he will instead of February
Do not say that you can not. Do you hear? Behind the window drops!
I'll rewrite the calendars, I'll send the cold out on vacation
And the flowers that have thawed from the ice are embarrassed.

I sunshine, loving, penetrate into your cozy home
And I will stay for a long time in it, from January to January.
And there will be tenderness in the mornings poured into cups, like tea
And there will be a quiet "love", and after - "just do not be bored!"

With a satin ribbon I slip in the evening at your feet
I will not give you frost and put spring in my heart.
And you can not let go, warmed in the gentle rays,
And so you want to be close by and kissing by candlelight ...

I'll give you spring ...

Liska the Red













 by Hamish Blakely paintings for sale


Burliuk David Davidovich When the song plays surf ...


Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca: an island of dreams,
Surprisingly paradise miracles:
Bitter trail of lonely wanderings
Has dissolved in the distance and disappeared.
The island of the sun and quiet bays,
Snow White Silk Sand:
The sea splashes leisurely-
Its smoothness, like a dream, is deep.
The emerald of the gentle bays is amazing,
The sea draws to itself, like a magnet,
Air, like wine, intoxicates,
The sun teases the skin tenderly.
How to breathe happily, sweetly
From the pine trees in the distance:
I look like I'm sneaking around the sea
At sunset, the ships glide.
Oh, Mallorca, in you dissolve -
I can not enjoy you!
I'm in you, as in paradise, I forget,
When the song plays surf.

Elena Glou



Four-mast schooner



The sea, 1921


Lighthouse on the Coast, 1958



View of the Water (Rural landscape with a lake), 1947





Duty boats in the bay, 1934



Girl, 1954






Sea at Night







Day on the Beach, Hamptons, Long Island.


Dream of the Past





Fabian art paintings for sale


Thomas Saliot on the hooliganism of oil paintings

Sometimes we are not at all what we seem. And sometimes we seem completely different. The brightest of all this duality manifests itself in dualistic natures, and it is possible to trace such a combination of two hypostases with such an unordinary personality as Thomas Saliot.

In everyday life, he is an exemplary citizen, deeply respected by the public, and in his own work - an inveterate hooligan, and it can not be said that he balances on the verge of what is permitted. Nothing of the kind, he simply does everything his soul desires. After all, only surreptitiously you can admire such frank female images, have the courage to then present them in unambiguous and exciting perspectives. And not with the camera lens - no, much more monumental, oil on the canvas. In the best traditions of not modern art.




To become a hooligan to Thomas Saliot (Thomas Saliot) also helped nationality and way of life Michael Cheval art for sale. He is a Frenchman born in Paris, where he received an art education . Twenty years of travel around the world have added freedom to his already unchallenged views of the surrounding space. Now he lives in Marrakech - a fairytale city, the quintessence of the whole Arab world. Local society declares that its cultural traditions are the closest to the Western way of life. Undoubtedly, if we consider them against the background of other countries of the east Vladimir Kush art for sale. But in Marrakech every man is free to do whatever his heart desires, and in the daytime with fire you will not find a bare female shoulder. Yes there is a shoulder - even the knee. Only in his imagination and in the pictures of creating his masterpieces in this city of Thomas Salliota.