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Charles Henry Branscombe paintings

Boscastle Harbour at Low Tide.jpg

Boscastle Harbour at Low Tide

Overlooking Bude Bayalso known as Ewe and Lambs at Rest).jpg

Overlooking Bude Bay(also known as Ewe and Lambs at Rest)

Sheep on a Wooded Hillside.jpg

Sheep on a Wooded Hillside





John Henry Frederick Bacon art

Suscipe me Domine Receive Me O Lord).jpg

'Suscipe me Domine' ('Receive Me O Lord')

Hugh Cecil Lowther 5th Earl of Lonsdale Wearing the Whitehaven Mayoral Chain.jpg

Hugh Cecil Lowther, 5th Earl of Lonsdale, Wearing the Whitehaven Mayoral Chain

The Wedding Morning.jpg

The Wedding Morning

T P OConnor MP.jpg

T. P. O'Connor, MP

Interior of Ewenny Pottery.jpg

Interior of Ewenny Pottery

Sir James Beethom Whitehead KCMG Diplomat.jpg

Sir James Beethom Whitehead, KCMG, Diplomat

Florentia Maria Crawshay née Wood.jpg

Florentia Maria Crawshay, née Wood

Sir William Alfred Gelder JP.jpg

Sir William Alfred Gelder, JP

The Homage-Giving: Westminster Abbey 9 August 1902.jpg

The Homage-Giving: Westminster Abbey, 9 August, 1902

Sir John Carew Pole 12th Bt as a Pageboy.jpg

Sir John Carew Pole, 12th Bt, as a Pageboy

Interior of Westminster Abbey London Looking into the South Transept.jpg

Interior of Westminster Abbey, London, Looking into the South Transept


John Henry Frederick Bacon art


Joseph Delattre paintings



The Artists Garden in Winter.jpg

The Artist's Garden in Winter

Brisbane in the Valley of Haye Sunset.jpg

Brisbane in the Valley of Haye, Sunset

Vieilles maisons.jpg

Vieilles maisons

Busy Street in Rouen.jpg

Busy Street in Rouen

The Seine below Rouen.jpg

The Seine below Rouen



The Seine above Rouen.jpg

The Seine above Rouen

My Garden in Spring.jpg

My Garden in Spring

Lake with a rowing boat.jpg

Lake with a rowing boat

River landscape with sailing boats.jpg

River landscape with sailing boats