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Life is happiness, create it!

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Life is happiness, create it!

Life is a chance, do not miss it.

Life is beauty, marvel at her.

Life is a dream, realize it.

Life is a duty, fulfill it.

Life is a game, so play it!

Life is love, so love.

Life is a mystery, unravel it.

Life is a tragedy, to withstand it.

Life is an adventure, decide on it.

Life is life, save it!

Life is happiness, create it yourself.

It's worth living. Do not destroy your Life!

These words belong to Mother Teresa, an extraordinary woman, a saint who gave her entire life to the service of others in the name of kindness and mercy.

A real ascetic, she devoted herself to the most suffering on earth: people abandoned, dying of hunger and disease - poor, sick, disabled. She founded orphanages, schools and leperies, not disdaining the most black work for caring for the suffering.

She saw the most terrible and disgusting side of life - and until the end of her days was happy in her infinite love for God and people.

Information: Mother Teresa (Agnes Gonja Boyadzhiu, August 27, 1910 - September 5, 1997) is the founder of the Order of Mercy, t Norman Rockwell art for sale

he Nobel Prize winner.

Pictures of Darya Markova.



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