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From a wise owl post

Quote of the message Galyshenka

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From a wise owl post


Life advice from the symbol of wisdom-sova

Morning you need to be able to survive

Nothing so invigorates as a cold shower

 For health is incredibly useful yoga

Need to be able to like

What would I achieve

But, so as not to sit on your neck, you need to be able to show the character

Know yourself

And others

Defeat must be able to take with dignity

In the end, you can always say "oh, everything" and leave

In any incomprehensible situation - dance

When everyone has already got it - mimicry

You can use and improvised means

A real owl knows: in love the third is al Grace Slick art paintings for sale

ways superfluous

But never give up and do not give up

The most important thing in communication is the possession of artistic devices

So begging for a cookie

 So we pretend that it has nothing to do with

So - modest

And most importantly, we always remember that we are the most charming and attractive!

And all will be well!

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