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Frederic Chopin

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A great romantic - Frederic Chopin

Chopin is one of the main representatives of romanticism in music. Never - neither before nor after Chopin - in his homeland, Poland, was born a musical genius of this level. His work is almost entirely pianistic. Although the rare composer's gift of Chopin could make him a wonderful symphonist, his delicate, self-contained nature was content with the framework of the chamber genre - apart from, of course, his two remarkable piano concerts. They wrote only 2 concerts for piano and orchestra (1829, 1830). They (especially the M-minor) became the highest achievement of Chopin's early work, reflected all the facets of the artistic world of the twenty-year-old composer. The elegiac lyrics are shone with the brilliance of virtuosity and in the spring light themes. Secret lyricism, profound psychologicality, subtlety in the transmission of moods, dreamy contemplation are the most important tendencies of musical romanticism.

The history of the creation of the piano concerto in F minor is very romantic. In 1829, the 19-year-old composer became acquainted with the young singer Constance Gladkovskaya. The concert was written under the charm of love for her. In a letter to his friend Wojciechowski, he confessed: "... I, unfortunately, unfortunately, already have my ideal, to which I am faithfully serving, without talking to him for six months already, which I dream about, whose recollection was Adagio of my concert. .. "Because of the loss of the concert by the publisher, it was published as No. 2, although, in essenc Vladimir Kush art

e, it is the first. The slow part of the concert is called the musical portrait of Constant Gladkovsky, but rather it is the embodiment of a dream of love. Love, which had no continuation. A year later Chopin left Poland for good because of revolutionary events, and Constance married and abandoned the singer's career. Before her death Gladkovskaya burned all the letters of Chopin. And only music remained of love. In the concert of Chopin lives an incredible wealth of emotions - melancholy and sensitivity are combined with sparks of joy, impulses and hopes. Brilliant piano technique seems absolutely natural, and the poetry and beauty of melodies do not get tired of surprising and admiring.

Chopin. Concert №2 in F minor

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