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~ Alia Qunhua, France. ~ I will rewrite calendars ...


And I'll scatter my May smiles on the cold January,
I'll forget the past mistakes and the snowy cold of December.
I will rewrite calendars, erase from the memory of loss,
I will leave the quaking of the dawn and the gentle scarlet sunsets.

I will give you April, he will instead of February
Do not say that you can not. Do you hear? Behind the window drops!
I'll rewrite the calendars, I'll send the cold out on vacation
And the flowers that have thawed from the ice are embarrassed.

I sunshine, loving, penetrate into your cozy home
And I will stay for a long time in it, from January to January.
And there will be tenderness in the mornings poured into cups, like tea
And there will be a quiet "love", and after - "just do not be bored!"

With a satin ribbon I slip in the evening at your feet
I will not give you frost and put spring in my heart.
And you can not let go, warmed in the gentle rays,
And so you want to be close by and kissing by candlelight ...

I'll give you spring ...

Liska the Red













 by Hamish Blakely paintings for sale

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