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study Paul Gauguin paintings

Then, sb Viagra also join in the fun of a painting, laughed me at noon, or to keep it. Really naive ha ha ha ha


9/1 day can not be ugly! The To draw their own so I can not stand ah Had fucking mad, ruined their own ah no matter how to upload up, no matter ... ... laugh a while Ha ha ha ha


September 16, Mid-Autumn Festival, draw their own do not know what, probably, is to ask you to stay on the moon also used to it? At this moment, the sun in the little bit on the hair, listening to He Yao Shan's "your shoulder", I am 22 years old


Imitate a pair, this deer painted with Batman like ha ha ha ha ha
A few haha


11/14, a cold painting, find some warm colors to feel better, painting rotten, to be happy like some difficult Oh Oh, anyway, good night dr who


February 6 appearance
The skirt is like cream


And then there are many pigments left, casually painted a do not know what a ghost ha ha ha


Then is today, February 17
Fun on the line, no technology, there are fun
Oh, this is watercolor, not propylene




Paul Gauguin art reproductions paintings for sale

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