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István Nagy

István Nagy, born March 28, 1873 to Csíkmindszent (now rely Romania) and died February 13, 1937 in Baja, is a Hungarian artist, painter of landscapes and characters. It is one of the most original representatives of the realist and constructivist current of modern Hungarian painting
István Nagy was born and spent his childhood in the Csík region (today Romanian Ciuc) Country Szekler Transylvania. He teaches at Homokmégy in the Great Hungarian Plain when the painter and art critic Gusztáv Kelety (in) notices his talent for drawing, and then became a student of Bertalan Székely at the School of Technical Drawing (Mintarajziskola) of Budapest1. In 1899 he studied in Munich, where he won several academic awards, and in 1900 in Paris at the Julian Academy on a scholarship, and in 1902 he stayed in Italy. However, he returned to his native region, combing around Lake Gyilkos-tó (Lacul Roşu (in)) 2 and remaining a realist painter of the Hungarian landscape and Hungarians. His first exhibition was held in 1902 in Csíkszereda (Miercurea Ciuc in Romania today), with 150 of his works. During the First World War, he mainly painted portraits of soldats1. In 1923 he caused a sensation with a collection of his works at the Salon National de Budapest (hu) (Nemzeti Szalon), where he exhibited again in 1927 and 1929. The painting prize of the Szinyei Society it is awarded in 19243.


He traveled all his life, traveling the world first alone and then with his family, often on foot, while drawing without stop, especially in pastel and charcoal. Only with the worsening of his tuberculosis to adopt a sedentary lifestyle, in Szentes, Kecskemét and from 1930 definitely in Baja. He lives all the way in poverty, working with cheap materials, and sometimes painted on parchment paper alimentaire1. He was elected member of KUT (hu) ( "New Society of Artists") in 19362, but his health is declining and he died of a stroke in 1937


Incroyablement Surréaliste Sci-Fi Sketches Noah Butkus



J'ai suivi le travail de Noah Butkus depuis jours de collège. Il semble rester la plupart du temps hors du radar en ligne, mais parvient toujours à paraître prolifique. Il n'y a pas beaucoup d'artistes ces jours qui tirent toujours hors toute ambiance «mystérieuse», donc je félicite Butkus pour ça! J'espère qu'un jour il reviendra avec un site approprié paré avec le travail que nous avons jamais vu! Que faites-vous à ces jours Noé?




Alexander Volkov Paintings