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Attraction shower turns into friendship, attraction of the mind turns to respect, attraction body turns into a passion. Only together can turn into love.


- And I'm really not a very good friend, Robbie.
- I hope so. I do not need a woman in the role of friend. I need a lover.
- I'm not a lover, - she muttered.
- So who are you?
- Not half or whole. So ... ... fragment.
- And this is the best. It excites the imagination. These women love forever. Completed women quickly bored. Perfect, too, and "fragments" - never.

Remarque "Three Comrades"


Not grown cold, no,
I hide sadness.
Not out of love -
just hide jealousy.
Do not worry,
I'll be back soon.
Do not worry,
not going anywhere.
Do not blame me,
do not argue
in his childishness
ill ...
I have for you is
shore love,
so as not wounded to death

Veronica Tushnova


He naively thought that I did not notice his departure. And I even nanoseconds conducted without him noticed.


Slowly spread from the inside - from the surrounding area, and maybe even from the heart - warm. Then slight sadness, a little grit my throat. Immediately joy. Joy before the wild, that even want to cry. And after some supernatural inspiration. And then all of a lasting affectionate and lasting excitement. And above all dominated by the desire to touch. Just for a moment, and the best lips. Yes! That's exactly. This tenderness.


Of all that forever, the shortest period of time - in love


You gave me something which it is difficult even to find a name. He stirs in me something about the existence of which I never knew existed. You - part of my life. And it always will be. Always.


When in your life there is someone special, you feel a sudden tightness in the chest, or the uncontrolled surge of sadness, when the radio singing a song about love. And before you heard on the radio only newscast.


Since the first day of talks with him were similar to experiences that are not forgotten.


Sometimes it seemed as if he could hear as she closes her eyes.


Aside from his courtship of and interest in it, and that she felt dizzy, nothing they are not bound. But he could not know that she felt dizzy ...


Yes, words can touch. And more tenderly than his hands ...


The woman is an erogenous zone in all integrity, and the integrity of this most erogenous of land - the brain.




And I know everything and do not know anything ...
And I do not understand, what do you want,
with someone else's heart with pain tearing
nalegshih years of hard layers.
Pop and tear matted roots.
And here, not moving and not breathing,
It lies in his hands, a dove submission,
thee naked soul.
You lawful to every whim.
But the fun does not have the soul of a trace.
And once you get it, so look though
in her eyes, in her heat and light.

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