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Victoria Stoyanova: "I feel like I found my way. Beauty and the music is all around us ..."



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There was music in the silent infinity,
Like a rainbow changing shape,
Deceiving sensitive Consciousness
Presentiment of the unknown meeting.

That passion filling, the sadness,
Cardiac touched the strings gently.
Like a little snowdrop
And a story that comes at night.

An unknown force and peace,
And fragility combined endlessly.
And I opened another eternity
That seemed a brook, the river.

All was forgotten, only the sound
Tormented my soul like a revelation.
And let fate she will not change,
But healing from heart pangs.

She was divinely simple,
But in my life leave marks.
Barely touching dissolved the scale,
Start by giving a clean slate.

And his spring clean
Gifts to everyone who thirsts.
To him I fall more than once
Refill eternal beauty.



Viktoriya Stoyanova was born in May 1968 in the city of Bulgaria. She studied painting yourself and become a first-rate artist who writes heart. Her paintings reflect the colorful fantasy mystery
feminine beauty, the installation of light and dark in harmony and art, where human warmth and wisdom dominates.
Her technique - a kaleidoscopic, but harmonious change of light and dark, colors and themes, where the foreground is always the human body. Paintings Victoria nod to the old traditions, an allusion to the long-term wisdom and reproach modern aesthetics, which appeared at the end of XX-th century.
Victoria Stoyanova: "I feel like I found my way. Beauty and the music is all around us.
You just have to open your eyes, let the beauty in your heart and
learn to share it with others. As more people begin to look for
beauty in the world around us, the more the world will be a better place to live. "





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