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Still Life Levitan .Blagorodnaya beauty


Still Life Levitan


Cornflowers. 1894


In the mid-1890s Levitan liked to paint still lifes. In his works of this genre feels hard-won life-affirming tone, a special love to bloom, the sun of the nature, so perfectly centered in the corolla, or crosses even the most basic wildflowers, because each of them is arranged "in the image of the Sun" and is "the story of the sun by expressive power. "On his canvases we see a modest bouquet of wild flowers (cornflowers, dandelions), bunches of lilac, written with poignant tenderness and warmth, they recreated if the element itself flowering of life in the universe.


By noble simplicity and elegance, finesse and a color spirituality still life Levitan are unmatched in Russian painting of the second half of the 19th century, for which the genre is not typical at all. Levitanovskih still lifes differ passionate love of life, piercing experience fragile beauty of nature.

Lilac. 1893



Bittersweet Shadows

Wild violets and forget-me. 1889


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