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Only memory confused God - Goddess .... Marina Tsvetaeva - Artist Edward Coley Burne-Jones


Politeness and revelation (clickable)


Joy of all innocent eyes,
- Everyone on the miracle! -
In this world I was born -
Be happy!

Gentle to loss of strength,
. . .
Only memory confused
God - Goddess.


  Remember ribbons on all
Children's hats,
Each prozvenevshy laughter
Each odor.

Each sail away
Alive - for flour.
Each in his hand
I remember the hand.

Each ring on it
- If you only knew! -
I remember every face
At the station.

All of farewell at the gate.
All day ...
Kissed her mouth -
Remember - each!

All human names
All dog ...
- I'm in my true,
Not otherwise.
Marina Tsvetaeva, December 3, 1914






Edward Coley Burne-Jones (1833-1898) was an English painter and illustrator. He studied at the Faculty of Theology in Eksiter College Oxford, but the craving for art was stronger, and since 1856 the artist visited the studio painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Between 1859 and 1873 years, Burne-Jones makes several trips to Italy, which allows him to get to know work of Mantegna, Botticelli and Michelangelo. Touring with John Ruskin, convinced the painter to do copying masters of the Venetian school, Burne-Jones updates his technique. In his style from now showing signs of new influences that eventually brings him fame and a knighthood bestowed by the artist as the discoverer of a new era in art. In 1864 he was elected a member of the old society watercolors. In 1877, the artist presents his works to the first exhibition in the gallery Grosvenor and become a permanent member of its showrooms until 1887 Burne-Jones's fame is growing far beyond the limits of England. In 1885 Burne-Jones Evard elected associate of the Royal Academy of Arts. In 1894 Burne-Jones received a baronetcy; comes the glory, crowning his awards. The last years of his life devoted to the great compositions on literary topics.

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